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Chicks in the Classroom - Set-Up Visit

CAD$350 per appointment

  Our farm educator will come to your classroom with an incubator, a brooder, and some fertilized eggs. In the presentation the students will learn about the realities of chicken farming, with information appropriate to their age level. We set up the schedule so that the eggs should hatch on a school day, and then the chicks are placed in a brooder. You keep them for about a week, and then you will bring them to the farm for a hands-on field trip, with further learning about hens, roosters, and eggs. They will also tour the farm and learn about the goats, sheep, horses, bees.
  Hatching chicks in your classroom can be such a rewarding experience! We have seen countless students who are typically disengaged in a classroom setting suddenly feel real responsibility and pride in their new role as a farmer.
  Hatching chicks is typically done in Grades k, 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 to meet the Life Sciences learning objectives, but it goes over well in any grade, and high schoolers even benefit from the fun, seriousness, deeper thinking, teamwork, and mentor-ship that can be incorporated into a chicks in the classroom program. We are super enthusiastic and keen to make this an incredible experience for your class, and an easy experience for you.

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