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Kids Farm Club - Fridays

CAD$325Purchase required to enroll
An opportunity for students ages 5-12 to develop a deeper connection to the life cycles of the earth, in a farm environment. Our 6-week program will include experiential learning, crafting, and exploring, and will end with a celebration of our learning for parents and friends alike. We intend to make learning fun and inspire a connection with the natural world, this land, and our communities (human and non-human) -- there will be bonfires, singing, and games!

Rain, snow, hail, or sunshine, we're a go -- so come dressed for the weather, and bring your lunch, a snack, and a reusable water bottle. We do have fresh water, and a kitchen/stove/microwave/kettle available for use.

This program is taught by a trained and experienced educator, and -- while the program content will ultimately be determined by the interests of the children and the seasonal opportunities at the farm -- suggested topics include:

Life on the farm!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on the farm? Or wondered about the life that already lives here? There are so many amazing animals, plants, fungi, and other living beings on the farm that help to make this place what it is! From learning about animal communication, to exploring life in the pond, we will delve deeper into the beauty and magic of life on the farm.

Journeys on, and around, the farm

From waterways to migration routes, there are many animals, elements, and other beings that migrate, move through, and contribute to the farm environment. We might do some tracking, visit the River, think about different life cycles and journeys, create maps, and try our hand at different forms of navigation.

The land where we are

Southlands Heritage Farm is located on the unceded lands of the Musqueam First Nation. Incorporating sharings from the Musqueam Teacher’s Kit, we will take time to reflect on the history and current context of this place, share our own stories of relationships with place and family, and learn more about ancestry, colonialism, food systems, and different meanings of reconciliation.

From the ground up: soil and seeds

The food the farm produces relies on a complex web of care and relationships between humans and non-humans on the farm. We will have the chance to explore processes that create rich compost and soil, flowers and pollination, and the relationships between soil, seeds, plants, and the food we eat.

Buzzing for Bees!

From solitary native bees, to hives of thousands of honey bees, there is so much to learn about bees! With multiple honey bee hives, habitats for a variety of bees, and an abundance of flowers, the farm offers the opportunity to get up close with these remarkable insects and the amazing ways they contribute to our human and non-human communities.

Counting on Sheep: wool and fibre arts

Over the April long weekend, the sheep will get sheared and we will have the chance to experiment with their wool! From felting and carding to foraged dyes and knitting, we will play, experiment, and learn from the magical properties of wool.

Plant power!

From rope to medicine, and from food to dye, plants provide us with so much! We will have the opportunity to learn about seeds, plant our own, make a farm tea, try our hand at making rope, and explore the diversity of plants and foods on the farm!

Solstice and survival skills

Our final program day will coincide closely with the summer solstice. With opportunities to learn about fire making, plant identification, and navigation at the farm, we will have the chance to learn and try out new skills, while celebrating the longest day of the year, the wrap-up of our programs, and the start to a new season.

No class on Stat Holiday Fridays

Cancellation policy No cancellation fee with at least 7 days notice. If we can fill your spot, a 90% refund will be given in the week before the program starts. No refunds will be given once the series has begun.