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Overnight Trips

Overnight Farm Experience for Groups
Spend an evening and night in the life of a farmer, from feeding the animals at night to collecting eggs in the morning! In the evening we'll enjoy dinner around the fire before hitting the straw, where we will sleep in the hayloft of the barn (or the orchard, if you prefer tenting)!

We can also organise specific activities according to your interests or curriculum requirements

Standard Program Itinerary
For out-of-school groups: Scouts, Guides, Adult Groups, etc.
Arriving on a Friday or Saturday afternoon departing at noon the following day.

4pm - Arrival
Welcome and introduction.

4:30-5:30pm - Farm Orientation.
We will show your group essential farm skills, help them gain confidence handling animals and farm implements, and show them the boundaries and expectations of the farm.

5:30 - 7:30pm - Dinner.
Gap time for your group to make dinner, explore the farm and surrounding ecosystems, and set up camp for the night.

7:30pm - Camp fire and farm chores.
These may include closing in the chickens and ducks for the night, or feeding and watering the goats. Bring your own matches and expect to hunt for your own kindling (there's lots around). We will supply wood for the fire and a brief orientation to fire building and safety, then the evening is yours!

9:30pm - Quiet time.
Enjoy the peace and quiet of this rural farm. Watch the owls and bats hunting over the orchard or go on a sensory walk exploring the farm in darkness.

10:30 - Bed time.
Get cozy in the straw pile in our hayloft and bed down for the night. With the horses underneath you and barn owls in the rafters it is sure to be an unforgettable night. The hayloft is not insulated, so be prepared for the temperature.

7:30am - 8am - (or earlier!) Farm Chores.
It's time to feed and water the animals!

8-9am - Breakfast.
Time to clean up the sleeping area and eat breakfast. We may be able to supply food seasonal items -- inquire when you book.

9-11pm - Flexible program.
This time is reserved for any special activities you would like to lead, farm related workshops, farm chores, and/or PLO or badge related activities. We could also get some exercise with your group! The Fraser River is 3 blocks South of the farm as well as many other rural attractions within running and walking distance.

11-12 Lunch.

12pm - Pack up and departure!

Details and Expectations


Standard Program $60 +gst per participant.
One of your leaders is included with every 5 children.
Minimum registration cost is $600.

For longer programs or altered itineraries please call us for pricing.

Notes and Expectations
Because the farm is an active and dynamic place the activities scheduled may change or become more awesome. We like to have the flexibility to engage your group in special farm activities when they happen.

Visiting the farm, like going on a wilderness camping trip, involves carrying out any garbage you make. We feel producing garbage should not be a part of your farm experience, and this garbage free challenge is a great opportunity for your group to think about their environmental impact! We do have a compost available.

What to Bring
Clothes for the weather, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, toothbrush, flashlight, change of clothes, cutlery and plate, bowl, cup, water-bottle, book, any medications, snacks.
Optional: games, instruments, camera, food to share, bug repellent.

​Leaders: as above. Plus: dinner and breakfast for your group, activities for GAP time, extra flashlights, earplugs for fussy sleepers, group list with medical information, signed waivers for each member of your group, snack food for the group, any extra cooking and baking equipment you may require.

​What not to bring
Video games, cell phones, expensive jewelry and clothes that need to stay clean.

Our Facilities

This is where your group will be sleeping unless you choose to set up camp in the orchard. The hayloft is divided into the out-of-bounds hay storage area, and the straw pile. There is a bouldering wall next to the straw pile. Please keep your voices to a library level.

Covered Deck and Library
This area is approximately 15 feet by 40 feet.

Cob Oven Shelter
The food preparation area. Home to the oven, root cellar, sinks, and propane stove.

There are 2 toilets you can use on the property: One on the deck, and one beside the entrance to the property on Balaclava St.

Fire Pit
To sing around the campfire, and roast marshmallows at night :)