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Summer Farm Camp (for 6-12 year olds)

CAD$299 Purchase required to enroll

Farm Camp for 6-12 year olds

Campers will be involved in daily farm chores, including feeding and cleaning the animals, collecting eggs, planting seeds, weeding and harvesting. Friday is Market Day where the campers set up their own produce stand for the general public (and parents of course!)

With a camp leader per 7 children, we have plenty of staff to engage campers who are interested in helping with real farm projects we are working on that day. All our lead Farm Educators are experienced farmers and teachers with current first aid and criminal record checks. We also have Farm Interns working on the farm and helping with our programs.

Camp themes* include:

Plant Power!
From rope to medicine, from food to dye, plants provide us with so much! In this camp, we will learn about seeds, plant our own, make a farm tea, try our hand at making rope, and explore the diversity of plants and foods on the farm! This camp will focus on our relationships with plants, the amazing things plants can do and the roles they play in ecosystems, on the farm, and in our lives.

Home on the Farm
Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live on a farm? In this camp, we will explore the ways that we can meet many of our needs through things we can find and make on the farm. Feed the chickens, taste honey from the bees, and learn skills such as knitting and basic basketry, while immersed in the beautiful and rustic setting of Southlands Heritage Farm.

Survival Skills and Wildcrafting
Start a fire, navigate with a map, identify important plants, craft using natural materials, and explore a diversity of survival skills!

All about Animals
The farm is surrounded by, and home to, many animals, large and small. During this camp, we will explore the farm and its surroundings in search of animal tracks, bird calls, and extraordinary insects! We will share in our knowledge and observations, investigate different habitats, discuss animal communication and roles on the farm, and learn about protecting nature in our own neighbourhoods.

Art at the Farm
Surrounded by the beauty of the Southlands community, Fraser River, and Heritage Farm, we will take our imaginations and sketch books with us to reflect our experiences and draw inspiration from life! Back at the farm, we will have the opportunity to craft, sketch, paint, build, and fold.

Farm Adventurers
How many different insects are there in the compost? Have you ever wondered if bees have favourite flowers? In this camp, we will explore the wonders of the farm, ask questions and try to answer them, and think about the magic and mysteries of the Farm the life around it.

* Please note that these are suggested themes for each program. The actual content of programs will vary based on the interests of the participants and the seasonal offerings of the farm.

Cancellation policy No fee for cancellations made the same day as the booking.

With at least 14 days notice: 95% refund for cancellation, no fee for changes

With at least 7 days notice: 50% refund for cancellation, no fee for changes

No refunds for cancellations or changes within seven days of the start date.

Please phone the office at 604-261-1295 to cancel.