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Our Ponies

(1994) Lipizzaner (registered name Maestoso Canada) - he was rescued from a meat truck as an untrained 6 year old and was terrified of everything! Since trained to Third Level Dressage, he has won every Novice Three Day Event entered and carried 3 of our riders to Pony Club A certification. He is now retired from lessons.

(1994) Enjoys road walks and jumping, so he is best for the complete beginners or advanced riders.
A quirky spunky ride, he is always willing to try new things. Mostly used for advanced riders, he will try his heart out for those who put their heart into him.

Though he may look like the other tiny grey ponies in the barn, Bingo is actually a cremello, as he has pink skin around his eyes and nose. He is a superstar lead line/pony ride/birthday party pony.

(1998) She is a sensitive girl and is the best teacher for learning how to read a horse's body language. She is very sweet once you get to know her and once she trusts you!

Our resident mini, she was abandoned with us by her former owner, so we know nothing about her age or background.

(2008) Our resident “cow horse”, she is a black and white pinto who has made some children confuse her for a dairy cow. Though she is a sensitive horse who requires a gentle handler, she is a lovely ride and also enjoys groundwork.

A shy little guy who takes some time to get used to new things, he has the fluffiest forelock in the barn. He is on loan to us from his owner.

He is the tallest horse in our barn! Now semi-retired, he was an accomplished dressage mount in his younger years. He is now boarded here and does the occasional lesson.

(2002) When we got him, he was scared of everything from water in a bucket to his own shadow, but thanks to love and some training, he is now a reliable little dude who nickers for his favourite people and takes good care of the little ones who ride him.

Princess Molly
(2008) Good for everything from lead line to jumping lessons, Molly is a flashy, spunky, fun pony for small riders. She also excels at pulling for grass and towing her humans along with her.

A sweet pony who loves to go fast and jump!


He loves both people and other horses, but his three favourite things are adventures, cuddles, and snacks. He is super reliable on the road so he has also done STARs lessons and preschool camp. He is on loan to us from his owner.

Our go to horse for advanced riders, Polly is well schooled on the flat, and loves to jump. She is also very sweet in the barn and enjoys hanging out and being brushed.

(2009) One of our go to ponies for little kids, Rainbow has taught many children how to steer and trot on their own. She’s not shy to tell us how she’s feeling, but knows her job and is good at it!

(2014) Our big black beauty, she is also an escape artist from her stall, which has made us very creative in devising ways to keep her from undoing her latches! She does best with advanced riders with dressage backgrounds.

He has a western background and a fantastic sliding stop. He is still learning his job as an English style lesson horse.

(1993) The best pony in the world! He has taught thousands of children how to ride and is everyone’s first canter. He’s excelled at everything from jumping to Prince Philip games to pony sledding in the snow. He is a registered POA (Pony of the Americas) and his registered name is “Canadian Colours”

A mischievous dude who will put anything near him in his mouth, he has eaten everything from plastic spoons to popsicles - wrapper and all! He is a fun ride and tries his best for his riders.

(1999) A sweet girl who loves hanging out with people and will stand happily for hours being brushed. She has done everything from lead line pony rides to jumping lessons with advanced riders.