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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is entry?
Entry is by donation!

Is Southlands Farm accessible to people with disabilities?
We do our best to have most areas of the farm accessible. Some areas of the farm however have difficult terrain for a wheelchair. We also run a therapeutic horse riding program called STaRS. The bathroom on the deck is wheelchair accessible.

Where can we go on the property?
You can go anywhere on the farm, except into the horses' stall or paddocks, our tool shed, private back yard, and other fenced-off areas. You are welcome to visit the goat, chicken and duck pens -- but please don't let them escape!

Can we feed the animals?
No! They all have special diets, and we're very careful of what they eat. You are welcome to visit them, but please do not feed them.

Can we pet the horses and ponies?
Absolutely, but make sure to read the horses body language. Ears forward/up means they are interested and happy. Ears back/down means that they are needing some space and quiet.

What animals do you have?
We have 3 goats named Peaches, Oreo and Blackberry. We also have 2 sheep called Toque and Flash (but they're not always available for public visits). We have many chickens (all named HENrietta), ducks, bees and horses.

How many horses do you have?
Over 20 horses and ponies. What's the difference? Well, it's actually really complicated. Any adult horse that is under 14.2 hands-high (4'10") is considered a pony for competition purposes. But there are also breeds of ponies, and would then still be called a pony regardless of size. The shortest equine animal in our barn is actually a "miniature horse", which is NOT considered a pony.

Are dogs allowed?
Yes, but you are responsible for their behaviour and they must be on a leash at all times. They are not allowed in any stalls or animal pens and please pick up after your pet.

What is there to do?
Explore the farm with all your senses! Listen for the birds, look with your eyes, feel with your hands and smell the fresh air and farm aromas!

Can we go upstairs in the barn?
Only when with a staff member during our farm tours!

Can I take riding lessons here?
Yes! We offer pony rides on weekends, but private riding lessons are available by appointment only.

Where are the bathrooms?
There is one near the Balaclava entrance, and one up on the deck beside the office.

How many years has the farm been open?
Previously known as Maynard's Southlands Stables, Maynard's Tack Shop, and Southlands Equestrian Centre, and Pony Meadows, we have operated in the same block for over 45 years. Our original location was just across the road to the north. Then we moved down 51st to the east. We have been in our current location since 2008 and hope to be here forever -- climate-change allowing!

Do you have eggs for sale?
Yes we do! Both duck and chicken eggs are available but sell out fast.

What kind of work does the farm do?
The farm has a riding school, an educational farm, gardens where we grow food for our family and our farmers' markets, a full-time elementary school, and we also host a non-profit therapeutic riding program, STaRS.

Can I volunteer at the farm?
Both the farm and STaRS always needs volunteers!
For farm volunteer information please e-mail: info@southlandsfarm.ca
For STaRS volunteer orientation dates please e-mail: stars@ponies.ca