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Riding Lessons

Learn to ride or improve your riding skills with a one-off lesson, or a weekly appointment. We aim to teach riding with a wholistic approach and will tailor the lessons to your specific life and riding goals. We aim to be safe and fun in our approach.

We do lessons for ages 3 and up. If this is your first time, we recommend you sign up for an Introductory Lesson. For kids under 6 please also check out our Preschool Programs.

Introductory 60-min Private Riding Lesson CAD$120 per appointment

An introductory riding lesson includes 20 minutes of instruction on how to groom and tack up your horse, a 30-minute private riding lesson, and 10 minutes of learning how to un-tack and put away your horse after your ride.

Because the focus is on learning, this is for older children and adults.

20 min Little Riders Private Riding Lesson From CAD$55 per visit with 8 Lesson Package: 20min Little Riders (5% discount) pass

Book a 1-time ride, or a weekly regular lesson. Spots available most days, by appointment only.

30 min Private Riding Lesson From CAD$74 per visit with 8 Lesson Package: 30min Private Lessons (5% discount) pass

Learn to ride or improve your riding skills. We teach riding using a fun, safe, holistic approach and can tailor lessons to your specific riding goals.

45 min Private Riding Lesson From CAD$98 per visit with 8 Lesson Package: 45 min Private Lessons (5% discount) pass

Stable Management (Grooming & Tacking Up) Private Lesson 30 min From CAD$37 per visit with 4 Lesson Package: 30 min Stable Management (5% discount/lesson) pass

A whole lesson dedicated to learning how to properly groom and tack up / untack your horse.

Recommended for beginners, for parents who wish to help their children tack up before the lesson, or for those wanting to improve their stable management skills to become helpers.

Pony Rides CAD$15 per class From CAD$15 per visit with Pony Rides - Package of 8 (5% Discount) pass Purchase required to enroll

A short (~5 min) ride through our orchard. Designed for children ages 2-7.

* Bring a helmet if you have one
* Please wear closed-toe shoes (no sandals).
* Masks are optional

You're welcome to visit the rest of the animals and farm during your visit, too -- no need to register for a separate farm visit.