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Southlands FarmWelcome to Southlands Heritage Farm!

Our visitor entrance is located at 3208 West 51st Ave in Vancouver (at Balaclava St).

By appointment, we offer


Although we are a private business, we open our farm to the public for free visits from 3:30pm until dusk Monday to Friday, and during daylight hours on weekends. You can visit the horses, goats, chickens and ducks, or just play on the tire swing. Free visits do not include any tour -- you're on your own! Please read and follow our rules.

Note, due to private events we may need to close on occasion. Feel free to send us a text to confirm we're open, or just show up!

Farm-Gate Sales

Seasonally we offer our fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, jam and eggs to the public at our farm-gate stand. The stand is open 11am to 4pm Saturdays from April/May to June and September to October/November. We are open Fridays from 11-4 in July and August.
Note: Some items are only available to members of the Friends of Southlands Society. Membership is $2.

Pumpkin Fest

Throughout October we offer our own twist on the traditional Pumpkin Patch. We have food trucks, pumpkins, music, farm animals, and pony rides. Offerings may vary by day -- more details available on our website in October.

Contact Info

The best way to reach us is via text to 604-261-1295. You can also email info@southlandsfarm.ca

Our office is usually open 9-7 weekdays, and 9-5 weekends.

Vancouver. A big city with lots of trees and green space. But most kids spend the majority of their waking hours inside four walls and/or looking at nature on screens. Most adults will never set foot on a real farm or touch a farm animal, and that’s true of 50% of the world’s population now. Horses, livestock and using a pitchfork are seen in cartoons but rarely experienced. With this lack of understanding of farming and connection to animals, how can we expect people to make sustainable food choices? Or to care for Fraser Valley’s land, its soil, biodiversity, river and farms?

This is where Southlands Heritage Farm comes in. We are taking a stand. We are standing up for fertile soil that should never be built on, and for food systems that work together with local ecosystems and biodiversity. We are inspiring children and their parents to care for the planet, the land and the animals. We are encouraging them to strive for real, tasty and healthy food. We are direct and honest in our teaching and trigger mature discussions about the reality of keeping horses, farming and food issues. Our programs and teaching methods are creative, experiential, fun, and holistic. ​

Horses. They are peaceful and grounded. Developing connection and relationship with horses teaches us respect, humility and self-confidence. At Southlands Heritage Farm, we cultivate a holistic approach to the horse world with the overall goal of joy and empowerment.