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Farm Visit


If your group will consist of more than 1 family, please register each family separately.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are allowing only a limited number of visitors at a time, so we appreciate you booking in ahead. It's fine if you come 10 or 15 minutes early or late. If you think you may be here for more than 1 hour, please book more than 1 timeslot.

Your booking is free. However most of our operations have been shut down since mid-March, the animals still need to eat and be cared for, and we welcome your donations. We suggest $5 to $10 per person.

Farm Rules
  • If you or anyone in your household has been out of the province, or on an airplane, during the past 14 days, then please do not visit our farm.
  • If you show any symptoms of illness, including a cough, you must not visit. If you have a cough, we will ask you to leave. (It's a tough time to have asthma or allergies, and we're sorry, but no exceptions!)
  • If you have a fever, or have recently had a fever, or are taking any medications such as Tylenol or Advil to prevent a fever, please stay home.
  • If you are sick, have recently felt sick, or think you may have been exposed to anything resembling a COVID-19 infection, please stay home!
  • There are hand sanitizers all over the farm -- please use them frequently, and especially when you arrive and before you leave the farm.
  • If you do have to cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow or arm -- not into your hand
  • Maintain at least 2m/6' physical distance (a horse's length) from others on the farm at all times

IMPORTANT: During your visit
  • The barn and washrooms are closed, so please plan ahead and bring your own water to drink.
  • You are welcome to visit the goats, chickens and horses. If you bring some grain, you can feed the chickens -- but please do not feed the goats or horses.
  • You are welcome to go into the pen with the goats and chickens, but do not enter the horse paddocks. Please be very careful not to let the goats out -- they can be very pushy.
  • Our animals are not pets -- they can bite, kick, peck, sting, knock you over, or otherwise hurt you. Please use care around the animals, and keep your children close.
  • As the barn is closed, if you want to visit the chickens you'll need to walk around the east side of the barn/paddocks -- there's a trail between the horse paddocks and the Balaclava St ditch that will take you to the back of the barn.
  • To make a donation you can leave cash in a donation box at the farm or send an e-transfer to donation@southlandsfarm.ca
  • If you'd like to purchase eggs while you're here, please contact Jen at 778-898-4151.

To register, please click on your chosen timeslot below. If a timeslot is not shown, or is greyed out, then no visits are allowed during that time.