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Pumpkin Patch Visit

We recommend purchasing your tickets online in advance.

Explore a magical farming oasis in the city. Relax, hang out. Meet the goats, sheep, chickens and horses. Pick a pumpkin from our Old Apple Orchard and sit by the campfire.

Some of our pumpkins are grown on site and some we pick up from our friend's farm (Westham Island Herb Farm). Most Pumpkins have already been harvested and are spread around the orchard for easy choosing.

Please feel free to pitch in! Pick up a rake or manure fork and help us in our daily tasks. Just ask a Farmer what needs doing.

We are open:
  • Weekends 9am-5pm
  • Monday to Friday 3:30pm-6:30pm
Did you Know?
  • Pumpkin flesh was once used as a cleaning detergent.
  • The original pumpkin dessert involved filling the pumpkin with milk, sugar, and spices and cooking it in the hot coals of a fire.
  • All our pumpkins are locally grown (either on our farm or Westham Island Herb Farm)
  • They taste GREAT! after Halloween, turn your jack 'o lantern into a pie or soup. How to make Pumpkin Pie
TO REGISTER, choose the time below that you wish to arrive. Times are not strict, and you are welcome to come a bit early or stay a bit beyond your timeslot. There is no charge for cancellations in advance of your visit time.

For assistance registering, or for larger groups, please contact our office for assistance via text to 604-261-1295 or email info@southlandsfarm.ca. Information on pumpkin patch field trips for groups can be found here: https://southlandsfarm.pike13.com/appointments/124329