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Focus Farm Field Trip (K to 12) - 2 hours

Focus Farm Field Trips for Classes K to 12 - 2h

We will first explore around the farm! From giving a kiss to the goats, to picking and tasting all the veggies in the garden using only their mouths, we are passionate about making every groups' experience hands-on, real, and engaging (about 1h).

Then, we will focus on a specific topic (about 1h), among the following :
  • Compost and Soil Sciences (Gr. 4 to 12),
  • Bee Keeping and Pollinators (Gr. 4 to 12),
  • Animals Husbandry (Gr. 4 to 12),
  • Agriculture and Climate Change (Gr. 4 to 12),
  • Or suggest a topic of your choosing.

During this second part, we will get to do some hands-on farming and trigger discussion about the chosen topic.

Our farm education will adapt the Focus Field Trip to the age range of the group. Baking chicken treats is very popular among all groups (K to 12), while focusing on the other topics is more adapted for classes from Grade 4 to 12. Please, specify the topic you want to focus on when booking your field trip.

The day of your visit...
Arrive at the scheduled time, unless you've arranged with us to come early. We will do our best to wait for your bus to arrive and greet you at the gate, but if you arrive stealthily and we miss you, just bring your group down the path and meet by the pond in the centre of the farm. After your program your group is more than welcome to stay a little while. Let us know how long you would like to stay and we will find a homebase for your group somewhere on the farm.

Bus Parking:
park on Balaclava St. just outside the gate at 6767 Balaclava, or on 51st Avenue just before the stop sign.

$20/student, plus GST. (Minimum $200)

Give us a call to book your program and work out details. There is no charge for teachers and assistance. Additional parents pay their participation according to the program prices. We will send you an invoice soon after your call for the number of students you have in your class. It needs to be paid by the D-day.

Contact us to book:
604 261 1295

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